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Youth in Nairobi mark Africa Day by joining #AfrikaVuka procession because adults have become irresponsible with their future

By deCOALonize

Last weekend, more than 20 African nations came under the banner of #AfrikaVuka to make their voice clear that they will not sit in silence and watch the devastation on the only planet we have. This time round even children were not left behind because the adults are playing irresponsible profiteering games with their future.

The deCOALonize campaign joined the procession organized by and local partners in Kenya, marching from Nyayo National Stadium to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) to demand a fossil-fuel-free Africa and more particularly – Kenya that’s 100 per cent powered through renewable energy.

Members of the deCOALonize campaign joined other Africans in asking governments in the continent to think about the environmental concerns with much more urgency and urged the Kenyan government to denounced plans to mine coal in Kitui and build a Coal Power Plant in Lamu.

Perhaps the most inspiring yet shameful site at the same time was the presence of teenagers and children who joined the march. Inspiring because the children seem to realize that climate change is a climate crisis that needs an urgent response and shameful because the adults who should know better are messing with their future – making irresponsible decisions aimed at giving a few people luxury and comfort in the name of industrialization while majority suffer the consequences and the increased inequality resulting from this selfish actions.

In Europe a 16-year-old, Greta Thunberg has inspired an international youth movement consisting mainly of youths who are making radical decisions to get the adults to act like the responsible adults they should be. They’re skipping school on Fridays to force their governments to deal urgently with climate change through #FridaysforFuture demonstrations.

Here at deCOALonize campaign, we want to echo the same sentiments. We’re telling investors and businessmen. We want development but it’s got to be responsible. If it comes at the expense of our health and our environment, we shall oppose it vehemently.

Forget mining coal in Kitui. Forget any plans to build a Coal Power Plant in Lamu . We have an abundance of renewable energy in Kenya. You can still make your profits without killing us.

Long live #AfrikaVuka, together we shall #deCOALonize the continent.