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CS Environment, Prof Judi Wakhungu says Coal isn’t Clean

The Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Regional Development, Prof. Judi Wakhungu stated that coal isn’t clean contrary to previous government position and claims by the project proponents, Amu Power. Those arguing against environmentalists opposing the projects have always maintained that the project will use clean coal technologies which will keep the environment

Nema accused of favouring developer in Lamu

The controversy surrounding the Lamu coal project has flared up after the environment watchdog was accused of favouring the developer at the expense of public health. East African Wild Life Society executive director Julius Kamau said Nema has made the assessment “a mere cosmetic or pseudo exercise in favour of

Kenya: Lamu County Suspends Sh200 Billion Coal Plant Project

Source: All Africa The Lamu government has directed that the Sh200 billion coal-fired power plant project intended to be set up in the county be denied a licence to operate. The county’s leadership has asked the National Environment and Management Authority (Nema) not to allow the power plant to operate.

Environmental Concerns Over Kshs 192 billion Lamu Coal Power Project

Source: Kenya News Agency The National Environment Management Authority has embarked on a weeklong public participation forum aimed at collating views over an Environmental Impact Assessment report on the proposed Lamu Coal Power Plant to be built in Kwasasi area next year. Amu Power Company, the consortium that won the