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We have adjustments to make on spending on projects

Inevitably the pomp and chest-thumping of the launch of the standard gauge railway must give way to the reality of running it, and, of course, paying for its various costs. It is, therefore, a good time to reflect on a few of the facts and figures regarding the cost and,

Local NGO demands full exposure of the proposed Lamu Coal Plant

Kenyans for Justice and Development (KEJUDE) Trust, a legal trust incorporated in Kenya and founded on republican principles, was set up with the purpose of promoting democratic governance, economic development, and prosperity. We are reliably informed that Amu Power Company intends to build, on a build-own-operate model, a 1,050 MW

KNCHR raises red flag on impact of Lamu mega projects

A government human rights watchdog has raised the red flag on the ongoing mega infrastructure projects in Lamu and wants MPs to intervene to protect local communities from “devastating effects”. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has petitioned the parliamentary Committee on Environment and Natural Resources to investigate

Here is why the proposed Lamu coal plant is not viable

Source: The Standard Mr. Patrick Mbataru’s article in The Standard of October 12 arguing that the “Lamu coal power plant is viable” is unconvincing and one-sided. The article gives false information on what the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the plant states, which gives me the impression that

Lamu Coal Plant Ready to Take off as State Takes over Land

 Source: The East African In Summary The National Land Commission (NLC) has started taking over more than 869 acres of public land from squatters and private investors, paving the way for the finalisation of the Lamu power coal plant project. The construction of the 981.5MW plant was expected to start

Land disputes delay coal-fired electricity

Source: Business Daily Africa Consumers will have to wait longer for the cheap coal-fired electricity to be connected to the national power grid as land disputes and delay in getting environmental approval extends production timeline by two years. The construction of the 981.5-megawatt plant in Lamu was set to start