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Dear Mr President, the bell has tolled for coal project

President Uhuru Kenyatta returned from China’s “New Silk Road” summit with $3.7 billion loans to finance the standard gauge railway to Kisumu. This brings the Chinese loans for the project close to $9 billion, equal to the total foreign debt that he found when he took office. While in Beijing,

Why the Lamu coal plant doesn’t make sense

Kenyans pay high prices for electricity up to USD$0.19/kWh for residential customers compared to about US$0.10 in South Africa which is a barrier to the country’s sustainable economic development. The country is also expecting a steep rise in demand. To address this Kenya is modernising its electricity system and shifting away from costly diesel generators.

Lamu plant’s ‘cost in lives exceeds benefits’

Many people will die of ailments and the health burden will be massive if the proposed Sh200 billion Lamu coal-fired power plant becomes operational, an expert witness said. Testifying before the National Environment Tribunal in Nairobi yesterday, economist Ernest Niemi said studies show the social cost of the project will

Kenya Should Not Sign China And South Africa Coal Deal

Kenya has one of the most promising futures in all of Africa, but is about to make a strategic mistake similar to one that oil-rich Angola made in 2006. That year, Angola agreed to borrow $14.5 billion from China in a resources-for-infrastructure deal, repayable in barrels of oil. But it

Women for Women: harrowing realities from Kitui coal Basin

“When people rise, power changes hands. Instead of the governments imposing projects on us as local communities, they will resort to consultations before investing on mega projects. Also, power in the hands of the locals will enhance community ownership in any project which has an adverse impact on their lives.”

Lamu Coal Project will boomerang on us

A fight has been brewing and it is about to boil over. The issue is coal and it pits powerful business interests and the Lamu community against each other. Under the ambitious LAPPSET programme, the Government of Kenya plans to build it’s very first coal plant. Worth conservatively at Kshs 200 billion, the

KNCHR raises red flag on impact of Lamu mega projects

A government human rights watchdog has raised the red flag on the ongoing mega infrastructure projects in Lamu and wants MPs to intervene to protect local communities from “devastating effects”. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has petitioned the parliamentary Committee on Environment and Natural Resources to investigate