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Lamu Coal Plant Fact Sheet

LAMU COAL POWER STATION WILL CAUSE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE • To human health: • Burning coal releases toxic particulate matter into the air. These particulates cause asthma, bronchitis, cardiac disease, and cancer.i • To fish, crops, and wildlife: • Burning coal requires millions of gallons of water to keep the plant

Kenya’s most polluting coal plant could poison coastline

Kenya is one. Its coastline is a national asset for fisheries, tourism, a growing population and economic development. But Amu Coal – a consortium of Kenyan and Chinese energy and investment firms – is set to start building a coal plant on the only part that is untouched by industrial development. The plant is planned to

Kenya future lies in Green energy

Kenya has taken several steps towards a green economy and developed a strategy to consolidate, scale up and embed green energy growth initiatives in national development goals. The Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan provides the overall policy framework to facilitate a transition to a green economy and outlines the

Land disputes delay coal-fired electricity

Source:Business Daily Consumers will have to wait longer for the cheap coal-fired electricity to be connected to the national power grid as land disputes and delay in getting environmental approval extends production timeline by two years. The construction of the 981.5-megawatt plant in Lamu was set to start at the

Lamu coal power project on course – Kirubi

Investor Chris Kirubi and Mr Mworia CEO, Centum Investment. By MARGARET WAHITO, Centum Investment Chairman Dr Chris Kirubi says he is confident the issue of land will not delay the kick off of the construction of the 980 Megawatts coal project in Lamu. He says they are working closely with