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A Success Story in Community Organising

By Joseph Kata Munyoki Residents of Mui Basin blocks A,B,C & D met at Mutitu playing ground in Kitui County to discuss formation of CBOs to articulate their opposition to coal mining in Kitui County. KIMUMA CBO for Mutitu, Zombe Together as One CBO, a women CBO and Mui Community

Kenya takes stand for Paris climate accord at UN General Assembly

The Cabinet Secretary was speaking in New York where she represented President Uhuru Kenyatta at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Delivering the country position address at the UN headquarters in New York during the UN General debate, Mohamed said climate change is disrupting the livelihoods of

Kenya future lies in Green energy

Kenya has taken several steps towards a green economy and developed a strategy to consolidate, scale up and embed green energy growth initiatives in national development goals. The Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan provides the overall policy framework to facilitate a transition to a green economy and outlines the

Social Media Graphics

Please feel free to use our repository of developed graphics to share on social media, update your profiles, and spread the word about our cause. Social Media Avatars and Icons Media Quotes A repository of quotes, called “Speak out!“made from local community members, politicians, academics, and other professionals speaking about coal

Women for Women: harrowing realities from Kitui coal Basin

“When people rise, power changes hands. Instead of the governments imposing projects on us as local communities, they will resort to consultations before investing on mega projects. Also, power in the hands of the locals will enhance community ownership in any project which has an adverse impact on their lives.”

Women step up fight for land destined for Mui’s coal mine

When the Kenyan government announced five years ago that coal deposits had been found in the Mui Basin, a land of rolling hills and pristine forests east of Nairobi, local farmers hoped the discovery would help transform their livelihoods. But as villagers prepare to leave their loamy, fertile soils to