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Effective strategies for a clean energy revolution

Clean energy has become the buzzword for fighting the increasing threat posed by global warming. There is an urgent need to contain the rising temperatures before they increase by a fatal 2⁰C. Indeed, countries at the COP 21 in Paris, France put a ceiling to this increase at 1.5⁰C. The continued

Local NGO demands full exposure of the proposed Lamu Coal Plant

Kenyans for Justice and Development (KEJUDE) Trust, a legal trust incorporated in Kenya and founded on republican principles, was set up with the purpose of promoting democratic governance, economic development, and prosperity. We are reliably informed that Amu Power Company intends to build, on a build-own-operate model, a 1,050 MW

Social Media Graphics

Please feel free to use our repository of developed graphics to share on social media, update your profiles, and spread the word about our cause. Social Media Avatars and Icons Media Quotes A repository of quotes, called “Speak out!“made from local community members, politicians, academics, and other professionals speaking about coal

Dear Mr President, the bell has tolled for coal project

President Uhuru Kenyatta returned from China’s “New Silk Road” summit with $3.7 billion loans to finance the standard gauge railway to Kisumu. This brings the Chinese loans for the project close to $9 billion, equal to the total foreign debt that he found when he took office. While in Beijing,

Women for Women: harrowing realities from Kitui coal Basin

“When people rise, power changes hands. Instead of the governments imposing projects on us as local communities, they will resort to consultations before investing on mega projects. Also, power in the hands of the locals will enhance community ownership in any project which has an adverse impact on their lives.”

Why proposed coal power plant is white elephant in the making

I like it when I see political contestants making solid, informed critical comments on economic and public policy. I think it also makes smart politics, especially as people are becoming more and more discerning about such prevailing issues. In this context, Nasa co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka’s comments in Lamu the other

Coal or no coal: A balancing act for MDBs

In August last year, South African President Jacob Zuma opened the first generating unit of the Medupi Power Project, which is expected to be the fourth biggest coal-fired power plant in the Southern Hemisphere when fully operational. Designed to address South Africa’s chronic power shortages, the Medupi Power Project only went