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A Success Story in Community Organising

By Joseph Kata Munyoki Residents of Mui Basin blocks A,B,C & D met at Mutitu playing ground in Kitui County to discuss formation of CBOs to articulate their opposition to coal mining in Kitui County. KIMUMA CBO for Mutitu, Zombe Together as One CBO, a women CBO and Mui Community

Lamu Coal Plant Fact Sheet

LAMU COAL POWER STATION WILL CAUSE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE • To human health: • Burning coal releases toxic particulate matter into the air. These particulates cause asthma, bronchitis, cardiac disease, and cancer.i • To fish, crops, and wildlife: • Burning coal requires millions of gallons of water to keep the plant


Samia Omar was born and raised in Lamu County, Kenya, a nature lover’s paradise at the uppermost corner of the country’s coastline, which borders Somalia. She attended college in the U.S. and Canada and traveled to northwest Kenya for work. But, she says, “I always knew I had to go

Standard bank sets record straight on financing Lamu

The fact that a major African bank refuses to fund this deadly plant sends a strong anti coal message amidst financiers increasing unease when funding coal globally. Any investment in coal is a disaster for the planet. Financiers are aware of the poor financial return of these projects, especially in

Kenya future lies in Green energy

Kenya has taken several steps towards a green economy and developed a strategy to consolidate, scale up and embed green energy growth initiatives in national development goals. The Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan provides the overall policy framework to facilitate a transition to a green economy and outlines the

Bet on Coal threatens heritage

A dreadful U-turn has emerged after the World Heritage Committee of Unesco withdrawn an objection to the construction of Rampal power plant project near the Sundarbans, a Unesco world heritage site. The committee, at its 41st session being held in Poland on July, endorsed the Bangladesh’s decision to construct the