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Story by Save Lamu / Khadija Juma
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“I am not of today my child, I am from long ago. I saw the world smiling and laughing, today the world is crying” Such are the words of Mahmoud Hamid popularly known as Tike who is 84+ years old. He says them as he stares blankly at nothing in particular as if to recall the days that were.

Mahmoud Hamid (Babu Tike)

One of the reasons that he gives for his statement is the current absurd economy. Everything is expensive nowadays, he explains, Tike goes ahead and explains how one can hardly afford a living in the recent days, compared to the life they lived back then, during the good old days.

Reflecting on his words and the current state of affairs one of the major things seen is, BILLS! BILLS! BILLS! The nightmare putting everyone in a frenzy, running helter skelter, up and down in an attempt to make ends meet.

Electricity is almost the nucleus of the day to day running of activities and living life. Electricity can easily be described as the backbone of our economy for without it, everything comes to a stand still, a complete paralysis.