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Rapid Assessment Of The Extractive Industry Sector In Kitui County

The overall goal of this study was to gain abetter understanding of the institutional context,livelihood systems, stakeholder dynamics and the potential impacts or benefits of extractive operationsat the community level in Kitui County. The study was designed to achieve at least five interrelated specific objectives:

1.To have a social baseline for formulating a strategic and scalable extractive governance program for Kituiā€™s extractive sector;

2.To generate community-specific information relating to the concerns around extractives in Kitui county.

3.The identify the policy, legal and regulatory frameworks that govern the extractives sector and the rights and obligations of stakeholders therewith;

4.To develop recommendations for designing and implementing a situation-sensitive stakeholder engagement and community-informed dialoguing process which allows for participatory impact

The survey employed both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection.

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