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Petition Against The Award Of Mining Concessionary Rights To The Mui Coal Basin Deposits, Kitui County, Kenya

A copy of the judgment made on September 18, 2015  from three consolidated Constitutional Petitions in respect to the prospecting for and extraction of coal deposits in the Mui Basin in Kitui County. The petition was filed by Kitui County residents against Ministry of Energy and Petroleum,
Ministry of Mining, Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Housing and Urban, Development, and The Attorney General.

The judgement case dismissed without any order as to costs due to the evident public nature of the case. The Respondents, the Attorney General, and Fenxi Mining Industry Company Limited were required to continue to engage with the local community and provide reasonable opportunities for public participation during the process of preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment and the process of Resettlement as outlined in the Benefits Sharing Agreement.

Access the full judgement here.