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Lamu coal power plant would be a deadly mistake for Kenya

The distinguished Lamu Island is home to a community of activists fiercely contesting the approval of a proposed coal project that threatens to forever alter their health, heritage, environment and marine system of their homeland.

They have come together under the Save Lamu banner, and are currently engaged in a contentious court battle between the people of Lamu and the National Environmental Management Authority (Nema).

The people of Lamu are challenging the environmental and social impact assessment licence that Nema granted the project, in wilful ignorance of the impacts.

The pending court hearings in Lamu County are critical. Kenya’s judicial system will ultimately decide whether the county faces a short-lived future that will destroy this rare, unspoilt 700-year-old Swahili settlement or opt for more sustainable energy choices that allow such heritage jewels to be preserved, intact.

The $2billion coal-fired power plant will adversely affect the preserved heritage site and equally contribute to the country’s costs of climate change mitigation. Read full article here