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Kenya future lies in Green energy

Kenya has taken several steps towards a green economy and developed a strategy to consolidate, scale up and embed green energy growth initiatives in national development goals.

The Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan provides the overall policy framework to facilitate a transition to a green economy and outlines the need to mainstream and align green-economy initiatives across the economic, social and environmental spheres.

In addition, Kenya has taken a significant step in developing a National Climate Change Response Strategy and Action Plan in the recognition that climate change is a threat to national development.

This strategy has presented evidence on climate change and associated impacts and proposes a concerted programme of activities and actions to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, combat such impacts and provides an enabling implementation framework.

The energy sector poses a particular challenge and yet presents great opportunities for green growth. Indeed, fossil fuels will continue to dominate energy supply for some time simply because economies, societies and infrastructure have evolved around them, and due to the fact that innovation and change take time and investment. Read full article here