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Governor Ngilu’s charcoal-coal stand contradictory

The banning of sand harvesting and charcoal production in Kitui County, on the one hand, and the approving of coal mining in the same county, on the other hand, presents an uncomfortable narrative.

Governor Charity Ngilu’s ascent to the top-most county office last year was followed by her pledge to devote her government’s efforts to environmental conservation.

And this has registered some success, with even the National Environmental Complaints Committee applauding her charcoal and sand ban.

The governor recently proclaimed that toxic waste from charcoal is a threat to human safety.


It is for that reason that her government seeks to allocate resources to projects aimed at restoring a healthy environment for all generations.

That is a bold step towards safeguarding the environment.

However, while Mrs Ngilu’s anti-charcoal stand deserves praise, her contradictory position on coal mining presents a major setback.

One of the National Energy and Petroleum Policy’s long-term goals is to facilitate development of a 960-megawatt coal-fired plant within Mui Basin — in Kitui.

This is part of efforts to revive the mining industry in the county, with the hope of realising economic growth in the shortest time possible. Read the full article here