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How can you get involved?

deCOALonize is made up of a group of volunteers and concerned citizens – we welcome all who are interested in working on these issues to contact us at to learn more and be a part of the movement.

Stay up-to-date

Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list and stay up to date, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


You can petition your local politicians and share your concerns.

Spread The Word

Share information about the cause with your friends and contacts using social media tools available, email, word of mouth etc. Feel free to use our available graphics to change your profile, cover photos or social media pages to show solidarity to the cause, or share our online repository of quotes made from local community members, politicians, academics, and other professionals speaking about coal and renewable energy in Kenya, “Speak Out!“. If you share your content in public or in the media, you may also be featured on our website.

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