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Come to our aid, Mui Coal belt locals tell leader

Source: The Star


RESIDENTS of Blocks C and D on Mui Coal Basin in Kitui county have accused elected leaders of abandoning in the wake of possible eviction before the start of coal mining.

They have called on Senator David Musila, area MP Joe Mutambu and MCA Stanslous Mulongo to address issues related to coal mining.

The residents were speaking at AIC Kalitini Church during a meeting organised by the Centre for Human Rights and the Civic Education last Thursday.

Speakers said most transactions involving the coal mining project were done without their involvement.

They said they have been sidelined in the mining plans.

They cited the awarding of the concession to the Fenxi Mining Industry Company Lte to mine coal in the two Blocks as well as the last December 23 signing of Benefit Sharing Agreement.

They said coal mining will have a long-term effect on the area and their lives.

They said the leaders should explain every stage of negotiations involving eviction plans to pave the way for mining.

At some point during the meeting tension ran high as the crowd shouted down a member of the Blocks C and D liaison committee on coal issues, David Maweu.

Human rights crusader Daniel Muoti and KHRC official Faith Allube had a hectic time addressing teh residents.

Maweu said residents enough civic education has been done to ensure residents are aware of their mining rights.