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Coal in Kenya

Since 2013, the Kenyan government has increasingly pursued a coal industry, proposing it as a viable power source, including both mining and production. The projects have been met with a lot of speculation by local communities and environmental experts.

The Kenyan government and private project proponents are pursuing the development of a coal industry in Kenya through two main projects: potential coal mining in Mui Basin, Kitui County, and the proposed Lamu Coal Power Station, a potential 1,050 coal processing plant. Both have been marred by major problems: harmful health and environmental effects, displacement and livelihood effects on communities, unprofitable and unsound economics, violations in licences, and as a result local and international opposition, including ongoing litigation.

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To learn more, here at this website, you can review or search for original source documents about these projects, find compiled news and media coverage of the Kenya coal industry, and follow campaign updates and developments, as well as find other related resources.