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China-Backed Coal Plant in Lamu “On Course” to Go Ahead, Despite Widespread Opposition

A senior Kenyan Diplomat is reported to have confirmed that a highly controversial coal plant will be built near Lamu, the UNESCO World Heritage Island off the northern Kenyan Coast, despite widespread international and local opposition.

Speaking at an energy summit in Johannesburg, Kenya’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Jean Kamau, confirmed the power station would be built, according to news reports.

A spokesperson for the Kenyan electricity power company, KenGen, who was also at the conferewnce is also reported to have said: “The coal plan in Lamu is on course. And we are best placed to decide how to use our own natural resources. We are working with two companies to develop the mines.” Their remarks echo earlier sentiments said this month by the Kenyan Energy Minster, Joseph Njoroge, that the plant will go ahead.

If this is the case, it will be met with widespread international and local opposition. The EU and numerous local, national and international environmental and community groups are all opposed to the plant, as are some senior Kenyan civil servants and politicians. Read the full article here