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2017 – 2037 Least Cost Power Development Plans (LCPDP)

In line with the Energy Act 2006 the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) – recently renamed Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) – prepares indicative energy plans. This the commission does through the preparation of a Bi-annual Least Cost Power Development Plans (LCPDPs). The process is

Sample Letter to Members of Parliament

On 11th June we sent 416 letters to all the members of the National Assembly asking them to stop the proposed budget allocation and put a stop to coal mining in Kenya. You can access the full contents of the letter here by clicking download

National Assembly letter on Coal Activities in Kenya

On 11th June, deCOALonize campaign led by Greenpeace Africa wrote letters to all 416 Members of Parliament challenging the Treasury budget allocation for the Lamu coal plant and Kitui coal mining – proposed as a public-private partnership agreement. The letter also demanded the MPs to

Vigilance in the Aftermath of the Victorious Judgement

By: Serena Naresh The week of July 15, the deCOALonize Campaign together with lawyers from Natural Justice, and the Katiba Institute went to Lamu and held two major meetings in Lamu East and Lamu West to help the communities in Lamu understand the National Environment

UNESCO Calls for Halting of Proposed Lamu Coal Plant

Members of Save Lamu and deCOALonize were present at the UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee during – 43rd session in Baku, Azerbaijan. You can download the deCOALonize press release on the same: UWorld Heritage Committee calls for the Government of Kenya to stop the Lamu coal