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ANNOUNCEMENT: Coal ni Sumu! Nairobi Anti-Coal Protest on Tuesday 5 June, World Environment Day

Coal ni Sumu! Protest

World Environment Day, Tuesday 5 June 2018, 10:00AM
Freedom Corner Uhuru, Park, Nairobi

Haki Africa, #TeamCourage, and deCOALonize are organising a protest against coal industry development in Kenya on Tuesday 5 June 2018. It will commence at 10:00 am at Freedom Corner, Uhuru Park.

The government is moving quickly on plans for coal mining in the Mui Basin in Kitui and a large 1050mw coal plant in Lamu. Local communities in Kitui and Lamu have filed their concerns in the streets and in court, where litigation continues.

Kenya’s potential coal industry would destroy natural resources and livelihoods in both Kitui and Lamu, affecting farmers, fishermen, and traditional and indigenous communities. Coal would bring serious health problems to people across these counties, and in Lamu severely damage marine resources and a nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Energy experts agree that Kenya’s natural resources can provide cheap, clean, and reliable energy. Without coal, we can meet the future power demands of the whole country. Instead, coal energy would be more expensive than existing alternatives.

Kenyans will be the ones to suffer high taxes because of loans to build the coal plant, transmission line, and railway extension required for mining. The Lamu coal plant contract requires KPLC to pay KES 3.6 billion per year for 25 years — whether or not electricity is produced or needed!

Independent Police Oversight Authority and the Kenya National Human Rights Commission have been notified of the demonstration. Security will be provided by the Kenya Police as stipulated under the Law.

Omar Elmawi, Program Coordinator, 0710 343 432
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