#DeCOALonise March in Nairobi
A group civil society organisations in Kenya, under the #deCOALonise banner, are marching this morning in Nairobi to deliver an open letter to Judy Wakhungu, Cabinet Secretariat at the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources denouncing the coal development in Kenya, in relation to the proposed coal plant in Lamu and coal mining projects in […]
Why we should All Save Lamu
Lamu has currently become a political agenda.  Not because of the insecurity issues affecting the country but because of the Amu Power Lamu coal power project as well. This is a good sign that the environment has reached the political debate, it being a political year. However, even if the environment is at stake, the […]
Lamu coal power plant would be a deadly mistake for Kenya
The distinguished Lamu Island is home to a community of activists fiercely contesting the approval of a proposed coal project that threatens to forever alter their health, heritage, environment and marine system of their homeland. They have come together under the Save Lamu banner, and are currently engaged in a contentious court battle between the […]
Kenya future lies in Green energy
Kenya has taken several steps towards a green economy and developed a strategy to consolidate, scale up and embed green energy growth initiatives in national development goals. The Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan provides the overall policy framework to facilitate a transition to a green economy and outlines the need to mainstream and align […]
The worst thing about Kenya’s new power plant isn’t that Chinese workers are being brought in to build it
Kenya is building East Africa’s first coal-fired power plant, a move that’s been criticized as backwards, unnecessary, and harmful to the health of the country’s people and environment. Now, the $2 billion project run by Amu Power is also being accused of taking jobs away from local Kenyans. Forty percent of about 3,500 workers needed […]
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