Africa Set To “Leapfrog” Over Coal And Choose Renewable Energy Instead
Despite America’s temporary lack of leadership on the climate crisis, there is a good chance that a prolonged catastrophe can be avoided. Thanks to a combination of market forces, an unprecedented surge in climate activism, and the increasingly concrete global cooperation on the issue, renewable energy is proliferating across the planet like never before. Much […]
Every coal waste dump site is a disaster waiting to happen
This story was originally published by Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The United States still relies on coal to provide 30 percent of its electricity, and a typical plant produces more than 125,000 tons of coal ash — the byproduct of burning coal — every year. For decades, power companies dumped this product, […]
Coal and nuclear are uneconomic — more bombshells from Perry’s draft grid study
On Saturday, we reported that a leaked draft of Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s grid study obtained by Bloomberg debunks his attack on renewable energy. Think Progress has now obtained a copy of that draft, and it has many more surprises — or, rather, findings that are fairly well known to energy experts but may come as an […]
If We Don’t Take Heed, Lamu Might Soon Become a Legendary Fairy Tale
It has been hailed as one of the oldest and best preserved ‘Swahili settlements in the world, a site of cultural exchange with European, Persian and Indian Cultures for over 700 years’ through Indian Ocean trade exchanges. It is Lamu, one of East Africa’s UNESCO heritage sites, an island that might soon take to the books […]
‘Grievous harm’ from coal plant
The Sh200 billion Lamu coal-fired power plant will cause massive environmental damages and deadly respiratory and other diseases, experts have warned. Health and environment experts warned the project will cause irreparable damages. They spoke at Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi, on Friday during a public forum on the health and environmental impact of the project. The […]
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