Coal plant will breach pact on clean energy, experts argue
Controversy over the planned construction of Lamu coal plant escalated at a stakeholders’ forum in Nairobi yesterday. The conference at Silver Springs Hotel discussed implementation of the Paris Agreement 2015 in East Africa. The pact seeks reduced carbon emission and backs use of renewable energy to curb global warming. Civil society organisations said use of […]
Governor Ngilu going against the wishes of Kitui residents on coal mining
Mwingi central MP Gideon Mulyungi speaking over the weekend in Mwingi./LYDIA NGOOLO MP Gideon Mulyungi has complained that Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has failed to involve elected and community leaders in plans for coal mining. Mulyungi said on Sunday that the governor is going ahead with without consultation. Mui Basin is in Mulyungi’s constituency. Ngilu […]
Usa/Africa – Renewable Energy Advances On Many Fronts
Analysis Resistance to rapid renewable energy expansion is still high, despite the acknowledged costs in climate change. The U.S. Power Africa initiative still funds predominately natural gas, although its investment in renewables is growing. In Kenya, the Kenyan and Chinese governments are pushing ahead with a coal-fired generation plant in Lamu, despite strong resistance from […]
While coal is a dirty word to some, Africa is relying on it
One by one international financiers are pledging to end coal energy finance but the Africa Development Bank (ADB) remains a holdout and continues to fund projects on the world’s most electricity-poor continent. In April HSBC said it would no longer fund coal-fired power plants, joining its international peers including the World Bank and International Monetary […]
We don’t need the Lamu Coal Plant
got caught out on this post when the Supreme Court annulled the August election results after I had drafted the post and all…. The annulment [and everything that followed it]  resulted in an extra-long election period and collective holding of breath accompanied by lots of intrigues (threats, insults, name callings, arrests…. With all that happening […]
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