Negotiating With Chinese Investors
In 2015, the Chinese economy passed a significant milestone. After years of proactively soliciting overseas investment to build large-scale manufacturing and generate jobs, China saw its outbound investments surpass inbound investments for the first time. As the Chinese economy becomes more advanced, the focus of Chinese overseas investment has entered a new phase, with a […]
The Kenyan government had unveiled a project—a massive coal plant—that she believes spells disaster for the county and its heritage. After trying and failing to organize resistance to the plant from within the government, Omar decided to become a full-time activist. “I’m not a tree hugger,” she says, “but I don’t want the blood of […]
Standard bank sets record straight on financing Lamu
The fact that a major African bank refuses to fund this deadly plant sends a strong anti coal message amidst financiers increasing unease when funding coal globally. Any investment in coal is a disaster for the planet. Financiers are aware of the poor financial return of these projects, especially in comparison to renewable energy projects.” […]
deCOALonize Photo Exhibition
A creative, visual storyteller and self-taught photographer born, raised and based in Nairobi, Kenya, Peter Ndung’u tells stories through his chosen medium and creative outlet of photography.  “Photography enables me to hone my craft, sharpen my eyes, pick up subtle visual nuances around me and share my stories through the world of still images. He […]
Standard Bank says not funding Lamu Coal
Nigel Beck, the head of environmental and social advisory at Standard Bank said they reviewed the opportunity to fund the controversial plant, but for “various reasons”, decided against it. The project is being financed by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. This was confirmed by the project manager of the Centum-owned initiative Francis […]
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